The LUCIES – an entho-inspired duo – after having travelled as far as the Boreal forests in search of traditional music in between the years 2019 and 2020, their musical style has been greatly influenced by the Baltic and Scandinavian cultures which have brought about a very gentle, airy, rustic and melancholic approach.

Their refined style conjures up never-ending wooden paths in the middle of the marshes, pine and birch forests, soft velvety green areas of moss, and lots of little fir trees where a magical feeling is evoked and mysterious creatures seem not far away.

The travel-project and organization of the LUCIES called ‘Singing on the road’ will take you on an amazing musical journey with their entrancing harmonies.

There are different possibilities for concerts, namely : musical siestas, musical travel revisited and musical walks.
The concerts can be performed in all sorts of different settings : your home, a theatre, a medical/health centre, etc…
Artist-in-residence programs are also welcome.
Feel free to leave a message in the form below.

For more information on the travel itinerary (route/program/circuit) please see :


The next performances

With the friendly participation of Eelalaitinen  

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